Which Style Explosion Vent is Suitable for Your Application?

Explosion vents can oftentimes be an inexpensive solution for protecting vessels from deflagrations. Choosing the correct style of vent is important based on the operating conditions of your system. Standard set pressure is 1.45 Psig (0.1 Barg) but other set pressures are available as customs.

Flat, rectangular explosion vents such as the IEP Technologies KE style vent are excellent for use on low vacuum type applications such as dust collectors, day (drop) bins, small storage hoppers and bucket elevators. Flat designs typically can withstand up to 20” W.C. (50 Mbar) vacuums/pressures.

Domed, rectangular explosion vents such as the GE style vent should be used for more demanding applications where cycling vacuums or pressures exist. Typical applications are dust collectors, large storage bins or silos, product receivers and pneumatic conveyors.

For round ductwork or extremely high vacuum applications, round GE vents are available that can withstand vacuums in excess of 11 Psig (800 Mbar). This design is used for product receivers, vacuums, convey systems and other various extreme vacuum applications.

All of the above designs can be provided with an exterior insulation cassette to reduce heat loss as well as condensation due to temperature differentials inside/outside the vessel. In addition, alarm sensors can be added to provide an electronic notification and/or shut down a process. Other specialty vent designs are available for other applications in which standard designs may not be suitable.

Always consider the potential for flame propagation through interconnections and the possible need for explosion isolation in any venting application. Contact IEP Technologies to discuss your application and choose the correct explosion protection for your system. Together We Save Lives!

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